Taylor Swift 1989 Drinking Game

Taylor Swift 1989

This singer-songwriter is branching out from her country roots and has released her first official pop album, 1989.

Sip when Taylor sings about or says:

  • Any mode of transportation or traveling.
  • A specific period of time.
  • "Baby."
  • Any variation of breathing, air, or breath.
  • Laughing, or a variation.
  • "Love," if you're feeling brave.
  • Dancing or movement.

Drink when she sings about or says:

  • Anything related to flames or burning.
  • Anything related to crying or tears.
  • Anything related to kissing or lips.
  • Any variation of screaming.
  • A non-specific period of time such as forever.

Chug when:

  • You've already heard the song in a public place today.
  • Taylor sings about wounds or scars.
  • She references the weather or sky.

You will probably want to take out some of the rules for the Taylor Swift drinking game if you want to remain standing.