The House of Yes Drinking Game

The House of Yes Drinking Game

A mentally unbalanced young woman (who dresses up as Jackie Kennedy) flips into a murderous rage when her brother returns home for Thanksgiving to reveal he's engaged.

Sip when:

  • The mother gives a judgmental look.
  • Lesly is confused (twice if she just looks confused).
  • Jackie makes fun of Lesly (twice if Lesly doesn't realize it).
  • Lesly's sheets are mentioned.
  • A non-English word is used.
  • Anyone says, "Jackie-O."
  • The close relationship between Jackie and Marty is discussed.
  • Anyone makes a comment about what someone else is wearing.

Drink when:

  • Jackie's medication is mentioned.
  • The pink pillbox hat is referenced or shown.
  • Anthony says or does something awkward.
  • Anyone talks about parenting.
  • The mother expresses concern for her home or possessions.
  • Anyone talks about dinner.
  • Anyone mentions assassinations.

Chug when:

  • The deceased father is mentioned.
  • The gun appears.
  • Lesly gets sassy.
  • Anyone makes a subtle reference to incest.