Archer Drinking Game

Archer Drinking Game

Archer (TV Series)

At ISIS, an international spy agency in New York, global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to drink heavily and confuse, undermine, betray, and royally screw each other.

Sip when:

  • Anyone asks for a drink. Twice if they ask for a refill.
  • Anyone says, "ISIS."
  • Pam gets high (in Season 5 only)
  • Lana says "yuuuup" or "noooope."
  • Guns are fired.
  • Cheryl spaces out or acts confused. Twice if she's faking.
  • Archer mentions Burt Reynolds or any of his films (Smokey and the Bandit, Gator, White Lighting)
  • Archer shameless hits on someone.
  • A seemingly obscure reference is made (i.e. What is this, Span in the '70s?).

Drink when:

  • Anyone has sex.
  • Malory calls Archer "Sterling."
  • Anyone refers to Archer using his full name (Sterling Malory Archer).
  • Archer says, "phrasing." Twice if anyone else says it it.
  • Malory's parenting is mentioned. Twice if there's a flashback.
  • Cheryl mentions choking.
  • Pam says, "hostile work environment." Twice if anyone else says it.
  • Malory refers to any group as lazy.
  • A seemingly obscure reference is made a second time.
  • Archer counts the bullets being fired.

Chug when:

  • Pam gets high (unless Season 5).
  • Anyone is drunk,
  • Cheryl sniffs glue.
  • Brett gets shot.
  • The size of Lana's hands is mentioned.
  • Archer says, "Danger Zone!"
  • Malory flirts or talks dirty.
  • Woodhouse mentions or uses drugs.
  • A seemingly obscure reference is made a third time.